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The psychologist from Nazareth

My name is Antonio Gargallo Gil and some years ago I published in Spain "El psicólogo de Nazaret". It really surprised me because soon people got in touch with me to tell me how much the novel had helped them. Thus, some said that thanks to the book were able to see the colours of life. Others told me that the book helped them to overcome their depression... But the most amazing opinions came of those who had lost hope and they wanted to commit suicide; however, after reading the book, they changed their minds and they were really grateful because they started, once and for all, to live: they were born again!

I could write hundreds of amazing opinions, as that one of a man that hated his mum because she abandoned him when he was just a child. He told me that he just lived with one goal: to kill her mother. However, when he was about to do it, he read the book and he was able to forgive her and for the first time in his life to have peace. It was really very touching!!

I know that I am not famous and I don't even have a Publishing house, but I have never read such an amazing opinions of a book. Thus why I have translated the novel with native translators into English, French, Italian and Portuguese. I feel that I must work to spread the book to different countries and I know that we can do it, even though I am a just a drop in the desert, but together we can create an oasis. Would you like to support this project? 

It's availabe in ebook in Amazon: The psychologist from Nazareth
If you want in paper you can participate in the crowdfunding that is on my web page:


- "It’s a bedside book, to read and reread to your heart’s content; I could no longer live without it, it has changed my life, it has made me much more unassuming," by Luz Larrabide.
- "At the best of times I would read your book not once but several times and rereading it gives me strength to continue," by Mª Luisa.
- "Thanks to ‘The Psychologist of Nazareth’ I am seeing the true colours of life," by María Victoria.
 - "It’s an inspiring book with a touching and colourful story that leaves no one indifferent," by Marcela Montesí.
- "It’s a book with a soul that is enjoyed and lived," by Carmen Pardo.
- "The psychologist of Nazareth is simply fantastic, one of the best books I’ve ever read," by Rocio Torres.
- "A book full of wisdom but above all love, which, in short, is the essence of life," by Blanca Domingo.
 - "The Psychologist of Nazareth is a book that opens your eyes to a legendary lifestyle," by Elizabeth.
- "I’ve been amazed by it," by Juan Antonio P. Serrano.
- "Without words to describe it, I just tell you I'll reread it again," by Judith Sobertio.
- "I have lent it to two people and they’ve been delighted with it", by María González.
- "It’s an extraordinary book," by Amalia Franco.
- "I had to read something like this in order to be more aware of the reality of my life," by Carol De Hoyo.
-"Watch out! It can have side effects: it can make you a better person and help you to be happy," by Javier Sánchez.
- "I can say that it is so pleasant and refreshing reading that nobody should be deprived of it," by Victoria Sosa.
- "The story is awesome from start to finish!" by Ana Belén Valverde.
- "This novel is life in the middle of humanity," by Mª José Mora
- "I’ve read the book for more than a year and I fell in love with Jesus," by María Julia Aymerich.
- "I was so impressed with ‘The psychologist of Nazareth’ that I’m reading it a second time," by Cristina Rodríguez.
- "A wonderful book. Thanks to the author for helping me so much," by Olga Blasco.

Every night, when you lie down and close your eyes, let yourself be clothed in silence and ask yourself: Am I happy? If your answer is fraught with turbulence or uneasiness, it is because something needs to change in your life.
Would you dare to break the chains and attachments that stop you from being truly free?
Would you like to get rid of all the masks and become an authentic person?
Would you be able to leave everything to discover the greatest treasure that mankind holds: inner peace?

These are the central questions that Antonio Gargallo poses and develops in a novel way. A wonderful story about a journalist called Cristina who has lost hope in life. Sadness and loneliness are so strongly embedded in her being that she even wishes she was dead, in order to stop being a spectator of her own life. That is until fate surprises her through a very special person; Naim, a psychologist from Nazareth with whom she will perform an unconventional therapy which will reveal to her the essence of truth and life; through contemplation and the psychology of the happiest man that has ever existed on the face of the Earth: Jesus of Nazareth.

Book trailer -44"-

Rowan Hampton from Ingland:
It is a fantastic story! I really admire your creativity and I loved that the story wasn't predictable - I could never think up something like that. Amazing! So original and clever in its surprising turns. I'm sure the book will be really helpful for people who are struggling
Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work! 

Liam Deasy from Inglaterra:
The Psychologist from Nazareth is a really interesting read. It could change your perspective on life, and I learnt some amazing things in it which have changed my outlook on many important things in life. We live in times of stress, uncertainty and lack of faith in society and this book explains why and gives some solutions. I also love the humour which appears in the book and it made me laugh a lot at times! It's a very honest, entertaining read and I read it from start to finish. It deals with important topics that are so true nowadays. I strongly recommend the many benefits of this book. This book is a comfort for all the injustice we see in the world today and shows a practical way for us to live better lives in the midst of all this turmoil that is happening around us in the world. A real page turner that I couldn't put down! 

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